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Sugar Skulls with Skelita Dying to get involved in a new extra-curricular activity this screamester? New ghoul Skelita is offering a creeperific way to spend time with your favorites after the final bell tolls each day. “I really wanted to meet new monsters and offer a new way to de-stress and have fun!” Skelita is using her after-school time to teach guys and ghouls how to make her favorite reminder of home, sugar skulls. “The skulls really are an art form where I am from. Monsters study under master artists for years and recipes and molds are often kept secret and handed down between generations.” So far, Skelita has hosted two meetings and hopes more student bodies will join in the weeks to come. Sign ups will be posted outside of the Home Ick room for the remainder of the week. From:obscenelybefuddled.

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