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Wish for New Student Bodies Granted With epic rumors beginning to circulate about Monster High’s newest student body, the MHGG decided it was time to nail down an exclusive interview with new ghoul and Daughter of the Genie, Gigi Grant. Thank gore we caught up with the renowned world traveler before she had to fly off and help another ghoul check wishes off her list. Gory Gazette: Gigi, we hear you’ve got quite the penchant for travel. Gigi: That’s the creeperific part about what I do – any monster wish is my command and lots of ghouls scream of world travel! Gory Gazette: How UHHH-mazing. Any freaky fave locales? Gigi: I’m obsessed with wide open spaces, so deserts are at the top of my list. The Scarehara and Moanhave are two all-time faves. Gory Gazette: Any advice you’d want to give to our travel hungry readers? Gigi: Don’t be in a hurry! The whole point of experiencing new frights and sounds is to make memories that will last an unlife time. Enjoy yourself and don’t be in a rush to just check something off your list. Gory Gazette: Creeperific! Rumor has it your after school job keeps you pretty busy. Can you tell us more about it? Gigi: My family has always been in the wish granting business; we are genies after all. 13 wishes for any monster that finds my lantern, but be warned – I never fall for that “wish for more wishes” nonsense. Oldest trick in the book.
Ahoj,Aktuálně Vám přináším novinky ze světa MH.
Výrobci Mh pravděpodobně vytvořily novou MH ,tedy Bodies Granted
Tak co líbí ,nebo ne?
Mě se celkem líbí ,vypadá jako Jasmina :D

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 vercadoo vercadoo | E-mail | 21. dubna 2013 v 18:02 | Reagovat

Taky se mi líbí. :-)

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